Your Cultural Heritage Is Deeply Offensive


On The Offensive


Published on Sep 3, 2016

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Mutha flippin' SJWs are a the scourge of society. Will they ever be satisfied in their quest to ban everything they find offensive? Nope! And that's why they must be resisted. If we give them an inch, they'll take a mile, so we may as well go 'on the offensive' and reclaim the ground they've taken from us (pun intended).


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‘As traditional as black pudding’ Morris dancer blasts ban amid 'ridiculous' racism claims

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Oxford: Law Students Do Not Have to Learn About Rape or Violence Law If It’s Too Triggering

US students request 'trigger warnings' on literature

Harvard students push to end rape law classes, arguing discomfort

Triggered at UCLA

Batshit feminist throwing bin at UCLA to protest Milo

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