Iran and the Avestan Aryans: Accurately Assessing the Genetic Impact


Iran Talk


Published on May 10, 2022

In this video, I take a look at the genetic origins of the Avestan Aryans and their genetic impact on the modern day Iranian population, including the Kurds and Azerbaijanis. The primary objective of this video is to prove that contemporary Iranians have significant ancestry derived from an Avestan Aryan source. These autosomal breakdowns were done using my raw sources of foreign ancestry Avestan Aryan based calculator. The data here seems to suggest that modern day Azerabaijanis and Kurds, alongside Iranians, have between 30 to 60% of their ancestry coming from an Avestan Aryan source, with only minimal amounts coming from foreign sources. I also prove that the Avestan Aryans were a BMACized population, and had significant ancestry from the Bactria Margiana Archaeological Complex in Central Asia, and thus, were already heavily admixed with an Iranian farmer derived population. These findings are in stark contrast to the claims made by enemies of Eranshahr such as Jason Reza Jorjani and White Nationalists. The sources are listed below. Additional sources are available at


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