Venus and the Moon w/ P-900- Proof Venus is NOT a Planet! ☪


rosette delacroix


Published on Jun 20, 2017

So I filmed Venus this time with a Polarized Filter. I did not get the geometric shape like in Jason's (Awake Souls) footage; however this time Venus was more colorful. The little moving circles are missing now as well. The moon would not come in clear. Not sure if it was too bright. I usually can get it pretty clear. This time waning, is the light concentrated to this crescent? The darkened part you can see- just not lit up. I will link my previous Venus footage and also Jason's for comparison. I will also add Dave's (Enslaved by Media) footage of Dew Drops so you can see how similar Venus is to these dew drops. Is Venus water? Waters above.

P.S. Yes the noisey birds are the birds waking up over here. I live in the country and there are a ton of beautiful birds to keep my company. Blessed.

My Venus footage from 6/12/17:

Jason's Venus footage (filmed from Austin, Texas on 10/3/16):

Dave's Dew Drop footage taken on 6/17/17: