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Published on May 29, 2020

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DAILYKENN.com -- Kyle Stewart, 29, was fatally stabbed at a Columbus, Ohio convenience store.

Police have identified the suspected offender as 32-year-old Ernest Murphy.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest, according to 10tv.com.

An image of the suspect was captured by a security camera.

News reports say the suspect attacked Stewart's girlfriend as the couple exited a Shop N Go Market in Columbus, Ohio.

The attack was without provocation, according to nbc4i.com.

When Stewart stepped up to defend her, the suspect allegedly plunged a knife into his chest and then jogged away.

Stewart died the following day at a local hospital.

The crime occurred in April, 2019. A murder charge was filed on May 21, 2020 against Murphy.

From 10tv.com ▼ Police have issued a warrant for a suspect accused in a deadly 2019 stabbing. On April 22, 2019, 29-year-old Kyle Stewart and his girlfriend were inside the Shop N Go Market, located at 3951 East Livingston Avenue. Police say when Stewart and his girlfriend came out of the store, a man hit Stewart's girlfriend. According to police, Stewart then confronted 32-year-old Ernest Murphy. Officials say Murphy then pulled out a knife, stabbed Stewart in the chest and ran away. Emergency workers responded to the scene and took Stewart to Grant Medical Center, where he died the following day. A murder charge was filed on May 21, 2020 against Murphy.

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