How Is This Possible? Russia Gained Full Sovereignty over SPACE despite Unprecedented Sanctions!




Published on Nov 7, 2022

How Is This Possible? Russia Gained Full Sovereignty In SPACE Despite Unprecedented Sanctions!

A few days ago, the general director of the state-owned company ''Space Communications'', Aleksey Volin, announced that the production of the first Russian civilian communication and broadcasting satellite ''Express-AM4'' had begun in Russia. The uniqueness of this satellite is that it is made exclusively from Russian components. My friends, in this video, I will explain to you in detail why this is great news for the Russian space industry and how it relates to Moscow's strategic interests in the Arctic region. At present, the Arctic remains one of the largest regions of the globe connecting Europe with Southeast Asia, but at the same time having low informational support. As I told you in my previous videos, Russia recently launched three satellites of the ''GONETS'' system and the first new generation satellite ''SKIF-D'' into Orbit.

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