Patrick Casey: "Woke Capital: An Unholy Alliance"


American Renaissance


Published on May 31, 2019

Patrick Casey, leader of the American Identity Movement,warns of the “specter” of Woke Capital. Powerful financial institutions support left-wing causes, particularly mass immigration. The mainstream conservative movement has been slow to recognize that “capital is not a friend to America.” Meanwhile, the Left has redefined “oppression” in racial and cultural rather than economic terms, essentially justifying collaboration with big business.

Big Tech, banks, and media conglomerates coddle socialists as they persecute identitarians. Mr. Casey argues that capital is actively driving leftist trends, mostly out of “sinister and cynical” self-interest. He argued for activism and education to overcome the “false consciousness” promoted by a corrupt, globalist ruling class, and ended with a fiery call for a new elite.


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