Muslims Only Coming To Europe To Sexually Molest Blonde Women


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Published on Aug 7, 2016

Muslims Are Only Coming To Europe Because They Want To Sexually Molest Blonde Women
Make No Mistake, Muslims Are Only Coming To Europe Because They Want To Sexually Molest Blonde Women And Get Free Stuff -Major Muslim Professor And Psychologist Rip Into Western Europe’s “New Normal”
by Andrew Bieszad on August 5, 2016 in Featured
***NOTE: Merkel’s STASI Operatives at Facebook just took this post down again. Share this as widely as you can and get the word out because WE WILL NOT BE CENSORED!***
In a scathing criticism of Merkel’s “new normal” for Germany, a major Muslim professor and a Muslim psychologist say that Muslim men feel entitled to rape because they are told if they go to Europe it will be like Muslim heaven- they will get free everything and unlimited sex with blonde women:

The German-Syrian Islamic scholar Prof. Bassam Tibi explains in an interview why the hundreds of thousands of Arab asylum seekers come just to Germany. In addition to economic reasons, especially the desire for a blonde woman plays a major role.

The Basler Zeitung , he said that Arab men often come with high expectations to Germany. You would see in their countries of origin, that it is “great apartments, blonde women and the welfare state” are in Germany

“Many Egyptians believe that is still, blonde women are just waiting to be married by an Egyptian,” he says of the Cologne Rundschau .

The Turkish-born doctor and psychiatrist Dr. med. Meryam Schouler-Ocak, who works at the Berlin Charité, also sees great problems to come to Germany. In an interview with the Germany radio she says:

“I think we perhaps should comment briefly on the young men, because those are young men who are not used to it, that you can see quite a lot of skin of women, even blond women, blue-eyed women, so women which are also an ideal quasi in their regions of origin, in their conceptions of beauty, an object of desire. and suddenly there are so many here and suddenly know you do not know where the boundaries are. “

It also points out that rejections of German women could quickly lead to frustration among asylum seekers. Rape and other sexual assaults are the result.

“And if you get what else, not once but several times, then you may here also changing sexual behavior in a negative sense, for the women,” said the psychiatrist.

If one in Arabic “German Women” enters at Google, is the second most common search term “German women and sex”.

In a sample we could find dozens of Arab and Pakistani websites within three minutes, to which German women are consistently portrayed as blue-eyed blondes.These pages were often shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Even Sweden is a popular destination for Arab applicants. The Socialist dailyÖstersunds Posten reported as smugglers advertise on their websites specifically for northern European countries.

There the men are informed that they are accommodated in a hotel until they get a free apartment from the state. Then they could sit back and enjoy a tax-financed luxury living.

Much like in the pages about Germany blond girlfriends Arabs are promised when they make their way to Northern Europe.

“On the train sitting young Syrian men who are lured with an ancient scam -. Money and women are distributed pictures of pretty blondes and one says that Swedish women demonstrate because they call men”, writes the newspaper.

The media has been continually lying about these Muslims- saying they are coming for jobs, a better life, more opportunity- the list goes on. Then real reason, according to these major and respected Muslim voices who are also critics of what is happening right now, is what everybody already knows because it is the sinister truth- the Muslims are coming because they are lazy parasites on the underbelly of civilization who contribute nothing and only want to take. They feel entitled to a life of luxury and lust, paid for by the fruit and labor of another, and their religion gives them justification for their actions.

Islam is a worm in the apple of civilization. If allowed to, it will eat a civilization from within until it collapses on itself from the destruction. The only way to save the apple is to remove, destroy, or remove and destroy the worm. It is about time that Europeans started taking care of their apples until this Mohammedan worm eats them all.

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God,
and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. John 17:3

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