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SJW's Mad Because Their racist didn't Get In


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Published on Nov 10, 2016

So I'm not saying Trump is a racist but there is a lot of proof people have been in denial about when it comes to Hilary Clinton's
'White Supremacy'

I haven't found the whole thing, if this is taken out of context please send a link to the full clip as I was unable to find it.

Though I tend to have a 'right' lean I don't want to manipulate info to make a case for my side, besides my guy got in so I don't really need to. So tell me if you support her how do you explain this?

Between her mentor KKK grand dragon Robert Byrd who she praised, Some say he changed but then again so has the David Duke fellow who endorced Trump who was in the KKK years ago, now Duke says he care about the rights of white people and only dislikes Jewish supremacy...BUT DOES NOT HATE ALL JEWS!

She also loved KKK member Margret Sanger who targeted black neighberhood's with planned parent hood clinic's for the puropses of lowering the number of blacks.

I will show you this video as it also show's her defense

AND.... to Trump's worst qualities and things I disagree with him on I use the same defense for my support for him inspite of a few things I disagree with him on.

Here is a link to documentary Clinton Cash

Which talks about a number of scandals including how she stole money from Haiti. So you know that Haiti money you sent for relief? The Clinton foundation pocked most of it.

Maybe she was mad because as white person she was really upset with Haiti still over the white genocide that happened there a long time a go.

Personally I think Blacks and whites need to try to put the past behind us and look forward together but that's just me.

If you supported her for women's right issues I made this video


Maybe you supported her on LGBT Issues...
Well I also made this video...

Perhaps my favorite movie on Hilary is this one...

Finally please send this to the SJW's we need to take their minds back, especially all the sad and confused women out there.