David Benham: Coronavirus crisis is being used to shut down pro-life free speech




Published on Apr 8, 2020

David Benham, a well-known pro-life leader, author, and speaker was recently arrested for praying outside of an abortion clinic.

Benham and other volunteers were praying outside an abortion facility with Cities4Life a non-profit that is considered an essential business according to the federal government.

Despite practicing social distancing and not exceeding the state mandate of gatherings over 10 people, a police officer was threatening to arrest these peaceful prayer warriors.

Benham joins Jonathon Van Maren in today’s special episode to talk about the experience, how the government is using this crisis to censor pro-lifers, and what we need to do to fight back.

Benham reminds listeners that we need to stop being so worried about protecting ourselves and remember to protect the most defenseless among us: the unborn. He calls on pro-lifers to step into the culture and truly take a stand for life.

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