Red Ice Radio - Aaron Franz - Pt 5 - TransAlchemy, Save the Humans!


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Published on Dec 9, 2009

Aaron Franz who is behind the film "Age of Transitions" joins us to discuss his latest projects "TransAlchemy", a website dedicated to the subject of Transhumanism. We also discuss his new film project on the same subject featuring interviews with speakers at the Singularity Summit 2009, Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis, Nick Bostrom, Aubrey De Grey and others. We talk about the mystical and occult roots of the transhumanist ideology, the philosophy behind it and ask if humans slowly is being replaced by a newer "better" version? Save the Humans! Topics Discussed: Cyborgs, Amalgamation, Scientific realm, Singularity Summit, AGI, Ben Goertzel, Anders Sandberg, Human Brain Uploading, Roots of Transhumanism, Building Gods, Becoming Gods, Transhumanism as a Religion, Cosmism, merge with the A.I., Hive Mind, Pattern Mining, Black Ops Programs, Total Information Awareness Program, Postgenderism, consciousness, Second Life, "Liberating" humanity, Eugenics, Natural Evolution, Stone, Golden Age, Insane, Smart Homes, Ubiquitous Computing, Haptic Devices, Autonomous Living, Technological Developments, New World Order, Databases and much more. In our second hour with Aaron Franz we go deeper into the occult and mystical roots of the philosophy of Transhumanism, we talk about Gods, Prometheus, Lucifer, Black ops projects, nanotechnology, Neocortical Microcircuits, The Blue Brain project, Control, Alchemy, Predicting the Future and Human Kind splitting up into two strands. This is a very important and interesting discussion that you shouldn't miss.

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