Douglas Whitman: "Amazing Racial Differences"


American Renaissance


Published on May 18, 2018

Professor Douglas Whitman of Illinois State University showcases the incredible diversity of human populations around the world, showing how different groups evolved different biological characteristics in response to their environments.

Professor Whitman notes that genetic change can proceed incredibly quickly. Many dog breeds, for example, have appeared only in the last 500 years. Yet while many people can accept the reality of dog breeds, they somehow believe people are exempt from evolution. “Race is real,” says Professor Whitman. “The different races are not equal, they have different traits, and it’s based on genes.” He emphasizes that talking about “superiority” is misguided. “Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages,” he says. “Most races are superior on their home turf.” The group differences we all notice are inherent; we are simply recognizing reality.

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