US, Canada & EU impose new sanctions against Belarus in NATO Organised Crime Operation




Published on Dec 3, 2021

US, Canada, EU impose new sanctions against Belarus

The Belarusian foreign ministry has condemned as deeply absurd the new sanctions imposed by the West on its country over the migrant crisis.
The ministry said European officials magined some aggression from the Belarusian side and hypocritically delivered a sanctions blow. It accused the West of demonizing Belarus and pledged tough retaliatory measures. The reaction came after the United States, Canada and the European Union on Thursday announced fresh sanctions on Belarus. They accuse Minsk of using migrants to reach its objectives against the E-U, an accusation Belarus rejects. In recent months, thousands of migrants from the West Asia have travelled to Belarus in the hopes of entering the EU through Poland. They are hoping to cross the border, but Poland and Lithuania are pushing them back, leaving them behind barbed wires in freezing temperature.

Belarus blasts West over fresh sanctions, vows retaliation
Friday, 03 December 2021

The Belarusian foreign ministry blasts the West for bringing the country under fresh sanctions after accusing Minsk of stoking a migrant crisis.

The condemnation came after the United States, Canada, and their allies in the European Union widened the restrictive economic measures, targeting more Belarusian officials and businesses, AFP reported on Thursday. Taking the measures, the allies claimed that the country was hijacking the crisis for "political reasons."

"The depth of the absurdity of the EU's decision on the latest sanctions against sovereign Belarus and its very content is by now difficult to comprehend," the ministry said in a statement.

It also condemned the West of "demonizing" Belarus and vowed "tough" retaliatory measures.

About 2,000 people camped out last month on the Belarus-Poland border in freezing conditions before the makeshift camp was cleared out by border guards and the migrants were moved to a logistics center.

"The burden of responsibility is placed on Belarus while blatantly ignoring the true causes of the global migration crisis," the ministry said.

The statement was apparently referring to the West's adventurism in the Middle East and North Africa that has left thousands of people with no choice other than to try to flee their homelands in the hope of finding refuge elsewhere.

The sanctions have targeted senior Belarusian security and justice officials, prominent media figures, defense-related firms, and a major fertilizer exporter. Also targeted were state airline Belavia, tour operators, and hotels.
EU agrees on more sanctions against Belarus over migrant crisis
EU agrees on more sanctions against Belarus over migrant crisis
Diplomats of the European Union (EU) agree to add 28 individuals and bodies to a list of sanctions against Belarus, repeating claims that Minsk is luring migrants to the border with Poland in retaliation for existing EU sanctions.

It was the fifth round of coordinated Belarus sanctions, which freeze assets and impose travel and business restrictions on those targeted.

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