Maria Zakharova - Ukraine crisis


Djuki San


Published on May 4, 2023

Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Moscow, May 3, 2023

The day before yesterday, on May 1, the civilised world celebrated the holiday of spring and labour, the International Day of Solidarity of Workers and Trade Unions.

Until recently, Ukraine took part in the celebrations, too. However, in February of this year, as part of the decommunisation policy, May Day was abolished as a “rudiment of the Soviet era.” Clearly, the Kiev regime is unaware of the fact that this holiday came into being long before the Soviet Union was established. (This is speaking of history and how it is being disposed of under the auspices of the Kiev regime). The holiday was established in July 1889 by the Paris Congress of the First International in memory of the Chicago workers’ walkout on May 1, 1886, and is still celebrated in many countries around the world, including in the EU, which Ukraine dreams of joining. By the way, Labour Day is also celebrated in the United States and Canada, but on the first Monday in September, not on May 1.

However, the Kiev regime thinks little of it. Literally, they write history depending on how they feel that day. In its maniacal urge to rewrite history, the Kiev regime is prepared to do anything. It will stop at nothing to “transcode” the minds of millions of Ukrainians or other people who associate themselves with that country, inspire them with ideas of national exceptionalism, superiority and non-identity. What kind of identity can we talk about now that everything that was near and dear to the Ukrainian people has been trampled underfoot in the heat of this political mayhem? After all, managing zombified masses and even more so using them as cannon fodder is a much less complicated effort for Zelensky than delivering on his campaign promises, such as creative labour, work for the benefit of the people, and preserving the genuine identity of the people of his young country.

This is the true face of “Ukrainian democracy,” with Washington’s hidden hand behind it. The rights of workers, just like human rights, have long become a meaningless phrase in Ukraine. I can’t fail to mention it that in celebrating May Day, Zelensky was (in my opinion) much closer to the West than he could imagine, and by all means even more so than now. All I said above was an outline. Now let's move on to what really matters.

Stripping people of their basic right - the right to life - the Kiev regime continues to shell peaceful Russian cities.

Donetsk, which suffered the most during nine years of Kiev's aggression against the Russian-speaking people of Donbass, is seriously affected by the bombing attacks. There are daily reports about the Armed Forces of Ukraine killing children, women, and elderly people. This in no way diminishes the value of the lives or detracts from the loss of lives of men who are defending Donbass. This is just another stroke to give a fuller picture of what the Kiev regime is all about. They are not making any difference at all. They do not care – not because they have appreciation for human lives. On the contrary, they don’t give a hoot about them. Western shells are destroying residential blocks and killing people in the streets of that city. On April 28, Ukrainian neo-Nazis launched a missile strike targeting the central part of the DPR’s capital. The US-made HIMARS were used again this time. A direct hit at a minibus killed seven people, including a child.

Where is the West’s reaction? Has anyone seen it? Remember, the photos of Syrian children exemplified their humanism. Photos and videos of unfortunate Syrian children swept across London, Paris and Berlin. They were used in election campaigns and political rhetoric in the EU and NATO countries. Later, it turned out that it was either a staged performance or hypocrisy of outlandish proportions. Children in Donbass died for real. Has anyone heard anyone say anything about that? Could it be that we missed the news about a debate at the British Parliament? Or did the Prime Minister of Great Britain report to his lawmakers about the lives of the children that are being killed by the Kiev regime, which is sponsored by the UK, among other countries? No. What they did was they put out a cynical and callous statement saying they had been supplying ammunition with depleted uranium to the Kiev regime for a long time now as if it was some kind of humanitarian aid. What about making reports? They never did that. Ten more people were wounded at the Republican Trauma Centre, which happened to be in the area affected by the blast. Did anyone in France say anything about it? Or, did associations of investigative journalists say anything about it? No, of course, not.


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