Is Google Controlling Your Mind? | Zach Vorhies - Google Whistleblower/ AMPFEST19


Maryam Henein


Published on Oct 15, 2019

Watch as Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies elegantly breaks down Google's incredible Orwellian deception at AMPFEST19 in Miami. Vorhies recently gave Project Veritas and the Department of Justice 950 pages on Google.

Google found Zach to be enough of a threat that they called in "a wellness check" that evolved into choppers overhead, a bomb squad, & streets shut down. The three-hour showdown concluded with Zach deciding to make sure that he was outside in the public just in case, they were going to harm him.

So what was Google so scared about? Google's "Machine Learning Fairness" algorithm found in the 950 pages he legitimately unearthed. Watch as he illustrates how Google is manipulating searches, our minds, and our rights. Read: they explicitly set out to create digital echo chambers to program people.

Google now downranks real news and deems it fake, while boosting fake news. Huh? In other words, they're censoring the truth a la 1984. It's a perfect case of Peripeteia. Zach touches upon how this ghastly Orwellian tale unraveled shortly following the election of President Trump. Big Tech didn't like 45 was in power and they were going to do something about it.

They are controlling the narrative. Blacklisting content. Calling teams after the philosopher seen as the founder deconstruction who wrote about the destruction of language.

Meanwhile, health freedom is also being jeopardized. Your right to be healthy and happy. Your right to natural remedies to achieve vitality.

Zach confirms the sick ties between big pharma and big tech that I've been covering since 2016 as a reporter and entrepreneur of an online e-commerce health site. Google has digitally assassinated companies by slashing their traffic and reaching

If you listen carefully, this presentation will blow your mind. In a good way. And galvanize your spirit to stand fearlessly for sovereignty and wellbeing. We will stand up!

The panel included moderator Connie Elliot & Patrick Ryan AI Warfare Specialist.

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