Manipulation durch Massenmedien feat. Rin99er


red pilled girl


Published on Feb 16, 2021

ein Video für meine deutschsprachigen subscribers/for my German speaking subscribers...
(English speaking subscribers pls check link: re test and jab, will be posting on bitchute further videos with important info, will post links on yt)

Rin99er - Fragen (muss erlaubt sein)

AUF DEUTSCH! ein video über gute und schlechte Wissenschaft und was gerade abgeht (German, from 4:20 with ENGLISH SUBTITLES!)

ENGLISH: (The Invisible Rainbow by A. Firstenberg, "the spanish flu")
and: (Dr. Carolin Markolin on Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's work)
and: (negative effects of 6H on trees)
and: (Dr. Lorraine Day)
and: (Dr. Thomas Cowan)

predictive programming:
fear-based programming:
contract law/strawman: /

check out my favourite song ;)) Jake Gibson - I don't believe in ________!

and a trailer of various great songs from Jake Gibson, Conspiracy Music Guru, mr orly, Josh Garrels, Jonathan Ogden, Joe Bae, NORBZ, Chief Crow and the Flat Earth Worms and Thomas Scott News

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