The McSpencer Group: Situation Normal All F&%*ed Up!


NPI / Radix


Published on Feb 5, 2020

The American Republic is, seemingly, in peril. The President has been impeached and denounced as a traitor on the floor of the Senate—not to mention cruelly dissed by Franciscan she-devil, Nancy Pelosi. And yet Trump’s status has never really been in doubt.

A thousand miles away, in Iowa, chaos reigns. The first Caucus to determine the Democratic nominee was badly botched by a faulty app, developed by a bunch of incompetent Hillary insiders. No one knows who won. Conspiracy theories abound. All we do know is that Pete Buttigieg has assumed the throne as the Cornfield Queen.

With all the markings of Banana Republic . . . with democracy itself in question . . . nothing much seems to have changed.

Come for the political discussion. Stay for Ed’s excruciating analysis of the homosexual personality, from (ahem) top to bottom.