Qanon - DEMONITIZED. Timothy Holmseth is BASED LEGIT. #pizzagate and Search Result GAMES


Bill Smith


Published on Feb 21, 2018

With the Qanon map posts and updates down, the community now begins to turns on itself. We needed this moment.

Timothy Holmseth is now BASED LEGIT. Just went to jail AGAIN for 'violating an injunction' and is already out. Protected Witness in Human Trafficking Investigation?? Looks that way..

If it is true that he's going to turn state's witness, we'll need his research in good, normie-friendly order.

DEMONETIZATION - I support ad revenue. As long as we all get to do it. YouTube shouldn't be picking the winners and losers in these conversations.

ANTI-SCHOOL got a video pulled? Looks like reporting on the 'Hogmeister' is now a DANGER to the SYSTEM. Huge reaction for reporting on this now.

Soooo... I now fully support CNN's official story. There is nothing to see that hasn't been reported. We need to disarm ourselves immediately for the good of the childrens ;)

P-*_NC3 is now SUPER DUPER SECRET SPECIAL INTERESTING after I watched the YouTube games yesterday. I already saw it 2 months ago, but now I'm sure.
WE NEED TO DIGG DIGG DIGG. Everybody grab a shovel!

..keep shaking the tree. The rats keep falling out.