Biden sells SPR oil to China???


Bill Lockwood


Published on Jul 19, 2022

1. Abortion Clinics on Federal Land? Several Democrat leaders plus leftist lawyers are pressing the Biden Administration to by-pass the Constitution and the recent Supreme Court Dobbs decision by placing abortion clinics on federal property. In this segment examination is made regarding the soundness of this move.

2. Selling SPR oil to China? Joe Biden is actually drawing down the Strategic Petroleum Reserves that belong to America--and instead of aiding the hurting American people--is shipping it to China! Unbelievable.

3. The FRAUD of the J6 Committee. The unconstitutionality of this sham committee is discussed, the sole purpose of which is to eliminate Donald Trump from future elections.

4. Climate Change Science? The Left chirps that 97% of scientists agree that Global Warming is human caused. This "consensus science" is really no science at all.

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Bill Lockwood is a preacher at Iowa Park church of Christ.

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