How We Can Defeat Zio Globalism!


David Duke


Published on Dec 25, 2012

Dr. David Duke, PhD and former member of the House of Representatives discusses how to defeat the threat of World Zionism, and why his work is vital in awakening the world to the Zio political, Zio financial and Zio media influence that endangers not only the Palestinians but leads us to war and hate, supports worldwide predator banks like Goldman Sachs, and is covered up by a Zio media that actually saturates humanity in violence, blood and degeneracy. Dr. Duke outlines his work in this video and talks about the Zionist efforts to silence him and stifle his message, Dr. Duke's message has now been replicated by thousands of people and made into 9,000 videos of his lectures, programs and university and major television interviews which now total over 300 million views, and all of them get a popular rating of over 90 percent.

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