Turning The Heat Up in the Swamp


On The Fringe


Published on May 8, 2020

The drip drip leaking from the swamp is starting to show us some very interesting people and some very strange things. More Q drops have come out and it looks like this week has been incredible but likely next week will be even bigger.
Trump Interview: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-dirty-cops-to-pay-big-price-for-russia-probe-after-release-of-transcripts-in-fox-friends-interview
Funny Voiced Hearing: https://twitter.com/IPOT1776/status/1258590313343447041
A great Read: https://constitutionus.com/
Doctor Spelling out the Truth: https://twitter.com/Kingfreespeech/status/1258628590926729217
Transcripts: https://intelligence.house.gov/russiainvestigation/
Hillary'sLies: https://twitter.com/WalkedAwa/status/1229170238740189184

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