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Published on Jul 29, 2021


Holding The Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship
Statement of principles

Holding The Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship

We are a group of journalists and media workers from multiple sectors including press, broadcasting, freelance and PR who are concerned much of the UK media is turning a blind eye to Covid-19 data and analysis that challenges the Government narrative.
Since March 2020, the UK media has:
● frequently published fear-inducing and sometimes inaccurate news coverage;
● undermined initiatives such as the Great Barrington Declaration that offer alternatives to the government’s Covid-19 mitigation policies, while hit pieces have been commissioned targeting scientists who dissent from the dominant Covid-19 narrative;
● helped foster what is now emerging as a hostile environment for people who choose not to have a Covid-19 vaccine.

The UK media has often failed to:
● provide proper context for statistics on Covid-19 ‘cases’ and deaths;
● give due coverage to alternative treatments for Covid-19 such as ivermectin, fluvoxamine, hydroxychloroquine and EXO-CD24;
● enquire into the methodology of the PCR process, particularly its suitability as a diagnostic test and the cycle thresholds at which the tests are run;
● provide a balanced account of the cost and impact of the lockdown policy;
● give serious attention to (when not downplaying) instances of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccination, including death (few media platforms reference data from the Government’s Yellow Card vaccine injury reporting scheme, for example);
● report on and condemn the routine censorship by tech giants of dissenting voices and opinions;
● ‘follow the money’ by subjecting the interconnected political, financial, philanthropic and industrial interests responsible for the Covid-19 programme to sustained and proper scrutiny.

Our group members from the UK and abroad would like to stress that we appreciate the hard work and diligence of our dedicated colleagues working in these very difficult times, not least through chronic understaffing and being isolated working from home.
Our group, Holding The Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship, has these five principal objectives:
● to raise awareness with our colleagues about suppressed Covid-19 information;
● to encourage fair and balanced debate on Covid-19 and lockdowns;
● to ensure a prejudice-free working environment for journalists questioning the predominant Covid-19 narratives;
● to encourage a pushback against the growing levels of tech giant censorship;
● to allow for a much broader scope of debate on Covid-19 and the treatments available.

We believe that sustained balanced and fair reporting on Covid-19 across all media would create a very different public understanding of the nature of the disease, its impact, not least in terms of excess deaths, and the high cost of the policies used to combat it.
We invite all journalists who share our concerns to join our group. We provide a strictly confidential environment for the sharing of experiences, insights and stories.

Please contact us in confidence at

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