Polandball animation - 1933


Raphaël Melki

Published on Jun 26, 2016

My fourth countryball animation!

Sorry if you think I'm late, it's because I was very busy this time, it was the final exams. But anyway, I'm back! I present you this Countryball/Polandball animation and I'm pretty glad to share it with you. It was very hard to animate, you know it's a controversial subject and a very dark (if not the darker) period of history.

Also, please don't ask me what country should I do next, I already made my choice, it'll be the glorious country of... Romania!

The music (because I know, a lot of people will ask me) is the second movement of the 7th Symphony of Ludwig von Beethoven. The idea of this animation came because I watched in the same week two films where this music appears, I'm sure some of you know what films I am talking about! :) See you in the next animation, ENJOY!

Also, for those who didn't get all the video, here is the fantastic comment from ModMagician which explains way better the history than I ever could do "The story starts of with a Republican German(the countryball with the current German Flag) who strolls down the streets, he is one of the good Germans who disliked the gunshots between different factions and looked despair. The black-white-red countryballs represent right wing not Nazi Germans as they flock to welcome their beloved leader, adolf hitler, the Giant Nazi ball speaking and dropping red tears. One by one, the black white red countryballs turn in to anti-semetic nazi balls as they welcomed Nazism and become Nazi balls. As lots and lots of countryballs turn into nazi balls, the Republican Germanball was afraid of the future. As the his fellow Nazi Germans follow the blindness of Fascism and out comes fire, which represents war and breaking world peace"

For the best Polandballs of ze internetz, go see here: https://new.vk.com/country_balls