Rania Masri on US support for ISIS


Ryan Dawson


Published on Dec 16, 2015

Masri exposes US support of ISIS through backing of Turkey and Saudi Arabia; notes response to Paris attacks reveals Obama, white America' selective view of “humanity”; non-Europeans don't qualify; cites ex-CIA agent Michael Scheuer's CNN comments that only American lives matter as true reflection of US policies; the 20-1 ratio of civilian deaths to intended targets by Obama's drones as another proof; ties it to Black Lives Matter movement; gives details on Turkey's help to ISIS, notes its early preparations for refugees before Syria erupted; on Israel's providing care to ISIS, al-Nusra, wounded; cites John Bolton op-ed calling for Sunni state in Syria, noting US history of regime change to maintain 'steroid based capitalism.” Trashing Clinton, she explodes myth that Democrats, including Sanders, differ from Republicans on foreign policy, that Left needs to reorganize and Black Lives Matter, BDS, native American movement point way; what is needed in US is revolution in US politics and much, much more.

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