Subverting Legitimate Opposition, Right and Left (Episode 19)


The Antedote


Published on Jul 9, 2017

Recorded in July 2017

Greg and Jeremy discuss the similarities in how Abby and Robbie Martin on the "Left" and Alex Jones on the "Right" have watered down their activism from placing emphasis on exposing false flag terror and the overall mythical nature of the false economic and political systems which control us in favor of divisive worldviews which perpetuate conflict, and how influential people such as Max Blumenthal and David Horowitz have played a key role in the subversion and dilution of efforts to expose hard truths. We then discuss why speaking the pure unadulterated truth is the only way to truly achieve progress in shattering these false paradigms. Jeremy wraps up by detailing some interesting developments involving Michael Kaydar, the Israeli teen who was charged with making threats to Jewish Community Centers here in the US. Greg's article about Abby and Robbie Martin. Alex Jones article coming soon!!! The article referenced about Israel's Unit 9900 that recruits teens with autism for military service.

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