Pesma Izgnanih - Serbian Volunteer Corps Song


ZborBall IV


Published on Jul 4, 2021

The Serbian Volunteer Corps (Serbian: Српски добровољачки корпус / Srpski dobrovoljački korpus, SDK for short; German: Serbisches Freiwilligenkorps), also known as Ljotićevci (Serbian: Љотићевци), was a fascist militia; the military branch of Zbor, a collaborationist anti-Partisans and anti-Chetniks organization, raised in German occupied Serbia during World War II.

In July 1941, following a full-scale rebellion by communist Yugoslav Partisans and royalist Chetniks, the German military commander in Serbia pressured Milan Nedić's collaborationist government to deal with the uprisings under the threat of letting the armed forces of the Independent State of Croatia, Hungary, and Bulgaria occupy the territory and maintain peace and order in it.

A paramilitary militia called the Serbian Volunteer Detachments was formed, the unit, never formally part of the German armed forces, numbered about 3,500 men, mostly Serbian but also included some Croats and Slovenes. It was reorganised as the Serbian Volunteer Corps, at the end of 1942, and placed under the command of Colonel Kosta Mušicki. By 1944 the majority of the Serbian Volunteer Corps recruits were draftees as opposed to volunteers and reached a peak strength of 9,886 men.

After the Red Army entered Serbia and Belgrade was liberated in October 1944, the corps retreated with the Germans into the Slovene Lands. In November it was taken over by the Waffen-SS, and incorporated into the SFK: Serbisches Freiwilligen Korps (Serbian Volunteer Corps), an infantry unit composed of the various Nedić’s collaborationist groups on the run. In March 1945, with defeat imminent, it was renamed the Serbian SS Corps (Serbian: Српски СС Kорпус / Srpski SS Korpus; German: Serbisches SS Korps). The surviving members of the three SFK regiments, retreated into Austria where they surrendered to the British on 12 May 1945 near Klagenfurt. Most of the men were returned to Yugoslavia where they were executed on charge of treason.
Song was written for the SDK probably during the 40s, it may be a pre-war Zbor song.

Muke, bol i patnje delo duha Zlog
I krv što se lije, krv je brata mog
Jer vi ste naši, kosti naše kost
I krv naše krvi što nam dade Bog.

Sva Bosna, Srem, Hercegovina sva,
I srpski jug i sever nam je drug.
Svud’ bol i jecaj, suze brata mog
I sestrice bolne što nam dade Bog.

Već tutnji korak, dolazimo mi
U srećnoj zemlji bićemo tad svi
S’ verom u Boga, a za Kralja svog
U divnoj slobodi što će dati Bog.