Flashback Friday - Ep40 - Overstock CEO Bizarre Reveal, Rebranding Language, Arrested for Meme


Red Ice TV


Published on Aug 23, 2019

Henrik and Lana cover the latest news and important stories in Ep40 of Flashback Friday. Tune in live.

*Amazon fires turn political as Brazil's president calls out France's Macron
* Trump says he is seriously looking at ending birthright citizenship
* Jews in Israel Love Donald Trump ‘Like He’s the King of Israel’
* Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne speaks out in a confusing rant about his alleged involvement with the Deep State
* Facebook bans Irish girl's account because they say her name is a racial slur
* San Francisco board rebrands 'convicted felon' as 'justice-involved person,' sanitizes other crime lingo
* Simpsons creator Matt Groening 'got foot massage from sex slave - on Epstein’s plane - who nearly threw up over his yellow toes'
* Jeffrey Epstein shipped $100K cement truck to 'Pedophile Island'
* FamilyTreeDNA handed over DNA data to FBI:
* NBC NEWS Report: “Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working”
* Taylor Swift's Father Deletes His Facebook Account that Featured Meme Honoring Deceased Cop
* Jordan Peterson deepfake voice simulator taken offline after Peterson suggests legal action
* 'This is a place for animals - not for human beings.' Migrant in the UK is not happy
* Croatian diplomat recalled to explain "racist" remarks "just White Europeans here"
* Washington Post: “Dear fellow white people: Here’s what to do when you’re called racist.”
* Wikipedia sparks controversy as it appears to adopt calling ICE detention centers “concentration camps”
* Connecticut man has guns confiscated and is arrested after sharing meme on Facebook
* Being criminally prosecuted for posting an image on Twitter is peak 2019 South Africa.
* Laura Loomer Wins Appeal, Will Face Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple In DC Circuit Court Of Appeals Over Censorship
+ more.

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