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 Created Feb 27, 2008


Nyheter om krisen i sverige.

Learn more about the crisis in sweden. The social welfare system has collapsed and a situation similar to anarchy exists in many swedish communities. There are no authorities present in dangerous high crime areas. Emergency vehicles en route to crimes, fires etc., are destroyed by violent immigrants. Vehicles are surrounded by large groups of immigrants that prevent police, ambulance, fire trucks etc to work.

The government is now sending a message to all counties in the world that all non-western immigrants from every country are welcome, not only asylumseekers. Minister Billstrom has travelled to many countries trying to increase the massimmigration to Sweden.

We don't understand why the government is trying to squeeze in as many welfare cases as possible into Sweden. We already have the highest unemploment and crime numbers in Europe mainly due to the hundreds of thousands of welfare immigrants, they are now near 3 million.